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Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor used to treat erectile dysfunction and/or benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is the active ingredient in Cialis and its generics widely available online. Common Cialis generics sold on the Internet are the products of Indian pharma companies – Tadacip and Tadaflo by Cipla Limited, Tadalis SX and Apcalis SX by Ajanta Pharma, Exilar by Sava Medica, Tazzle by Dr. Reddy’s, Forzest and Modula by Sun Pharma and Megalis by Macleods. Online pharmacies also offer tadalafil by Western manufacturers – Mylan, Apotex, Pharmascience and more. The generics are cheaper than the brand-name medication, but their safety and efficacy are the same provided they come from a reliable manufacturer and retailer.

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Popular Brands of Generic Tadalafil for ED Treatment

Patients in developed countries are used to buying expensive medications regardless ofwhether the treatment is paid for out of the pocket or the costs are covered by a health insurance plan. Until the2010sit applied to the cost of treatment of erectile dysfunction as well – for instance, the patients in the United States were paying up to $65 for 1 pill of Cialis. Now that Eli Lilly’s patent for this medication has expired globally, people are switching to tadalafil or ‘generic Cialis’. Today’s article will go over the characteristics of this medication and compare the following brands of tadalafil: Tadacip, Tadaflo, Tadalis SX and Apcalis SX, Exilar, Tazzle, Forzest, Modula, Megalis, Teva tadalafil, APO-tadalafil, pms-tadalafil, Mylan tadalafil, Pulmopres.

What Is Tadalafil and How Does It Work?

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis and its generics. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It has been shown to improve exercise capacity and overall quality of life in patients with PAH allowing them to engage in physical activity for longer without breathing problems.Tadalafil is the only PDE-5 inhibitor used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia when it occurs alone or together with erectile dysfunction.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – a condition characterized by significant enlargement of the prostate gland. BPH typically affects men as they age with its histologic prevalence going from 10% in male patients in their 30s to as high as 80-90% in 70-80-year-old men. The symptoms associated with this condition are urinary retention, increased urinary frequency or urgency, urinary tract infections, etc.

The mechanism of action of tadalafil is best described by the name of the class of medications it belongs to. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor, which means it inhibits the effect of phosphodiesterase type-5 – the naturally occurring substance responsible for making the penis return to its flaccid state after the sexual stimulation is over. PDE-5 may also prevent an erection from occurring, so by countering its effect, PDE-5 inhibitors like tadalafil allow for a healthy, strong and long-lasting erection.

What Is Generic Cialis?

‘Generic Cialis’ is any tadalafil-based drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and/or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Brand-name Cialis has been developed and is produced by Eli Lilly. Its generics are manufactured by other companies using Eli Lilly’s technology. Generics were allowed into the market after the expiry of the initial patent for Cialis. It happened in the UK in 2017 and in the US in September 2018.

Eli Lilly may also become a ‘generic Cialis’ manufacturer in future if they choose to produce a non-branded Cialis alternative of their own. For example, Pfizer makes both brand-name Viagra and non-branded sildenafil and offers it in the same markets with the purpose of getting a larger share thereof.

Cialis and its generics are the same medication available under different brand names, in different packaging and sometimes in different dosage forms. For example, Cialis is available as yellow almond-shaped pills in blisters and tadalafil-based Apcalis SX by Ajanta Pharma is a fruit-flavored oral gel in individual foil sachets. The prices vary as well with generics being cheaper than the brand-name drug as their manufacturers don’t have to make up for their initial R&D and marketing costs. In the US Cialis 20mg costs around $72 per pill and generic tadalafil 20mg - $27 per pill.

The list below includes the brands of tadalafil sold by online pharmacies. We have analyzed the offers of 28 websites and included the lowest priced ones – between $0.30 and $15.47 per tablet – into the tables below. Note that the prices are valid on the day of writing of this article and are subject to change in future.


Tadacip is manufactured by Cipla Limited – an Indian pharma company with over 25,000 employees and 1,500+ medications in its portfolio. It is available only in tablet form.

Tadacip: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Tadacip tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, almond-shaped, yellow 10mg, 20mg $0.30 (20mg)


Cipla Limited also produces a separate version of tadalafil under the brand Tadaflo. It is intended for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia or concomitant BPH and ED.

Tadaflo: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Tadaflo tablets BPH+ED treatment Tablets, round, light orange in color 5mg $0.83

Tadalis SX and Apcalis SX

A product of Ajanta Pharma, a 6,500-strong Indian company, Tadalis SX tablets are available in India and internationally in online stores. The same medication is also manufactured by Ajanta as tablets and a fruit-flavored oral gel under a separate brand – Apcalis SX. It is marketed in several countries including Thailand, South Africa and more. Apcalis SX gel offers a shorter time to onset of action compared to the tablets – around 15 minutes vs. 30 minutes.

Tadalis SX and Apcalis SX: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Tadalis SX tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, oval, yellow 10mg, 20mg $1.11 (20mg)
Apcalis SX tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, oval, yellow 20mg N/A
Apcalis SX oral jelly ED treatment Fast-dissolving fruit-flavored oral gel in foil sachets, 6 sachets per package 20mg ~$7.00 (in South Africa)

There’s also a tadalafil-based combination drug called Super Tadalis SX available for $1.35 a pill online. In addition to 20mg of tadalafil, each tablet of Super Tadalis SX contains 60mg of dapoxetine – a SSRI medication used to treat premature ejaculation.

Dapoxetine is prescribed in combination with PDE-5 inhibitors like tadalafil to male patients suffering from concomitant erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The latter condition is characterized by intravaginal ejaculatory latency time of 2 minutes or shorter meaning that it takes a patient suffering from it less than two minutes to orgasm after penetration.


Similarly to brand-name Cialis, Exilar tablets by Sava Medica are available both in daily low-strength form for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction and in high-strength ED-only form designed for use as needed.

Exilar: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Exilar tablets BPH+ED treatment Film-coated tablets 2.5mg, 5mg $0.74 (5mg)
Exilar tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets 10mg, 20mg $1.58 (20mg)
Exilar CT ED treatment Chewable tablets 20mg N/A

The combination tadalafil+dapoxetine medication produced by Sava Medica is called Exilar-Max. It is available as tablets, each containing 20mg of tadalafil and 60mg of dapoxetine.


Tadalafil under the brand name ‘Tazzle’ is manufactured by Indian Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – the 6th largest manufacturer of generic medications in the world.

Tazzle: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Tazzle tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, yellow, oval with a score line (10mg) or round with a score line (20mg) 10mg, 20mg $1.5 (20mg)
Tazzle strips ED treatment Orally disintegrating strips 10mg, 20mg $2.40 (20mg)


Forzest is marketed by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, #5 on the list of world’s largest generic drug manufacturers. Different Forzest packages have Ranbaxy or Hetero Drugs Limited stated on themas manufacturer name. Neither of these is fake – Ranbaxy is a pharma company acquired by Sun Pharmaceuticals in 2014 and Hetero Drugs Limited provides certain meds and active pharmaceutical ingredients for Sun Pharma as an independent contractor.

Forzest: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Forzest tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, round, yellow (Hetero Drugs) or oval, blue with a score line (Ranbaxy) 10mg, 20mg $1.37 (20mg)


The range of Sun Pharma’s tadalafil-based products is not limited to Forzest – there’s also a low-strength version manufactured under a separate brand ‘Modula’. Like other similar drugs, it is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Modula: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Modula tablets BPH+ED treatment Tablets 5mg $0.84


Megalis is a product of Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited. This manufacturer is smaller than most listed above, being 11th largest in India by market share. Still, Macleods is very reliable – the list of its products legally available in the US alone includes 93 medications.

Megalis: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Megalis tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, round, yellow (10mg) or orange (20mg) 10mg, 20mg $1.20

Teva tadalafil

Teva is the largest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in the world with 120 billion tablets and capsules produced in 2017 and 45,000 employees globally. It mostly distributes its products through the traditional channels, so its version of tadalafil is not common online. None of the Internet drugstores certified by Pharmacy Checker that we analyzed for this article offer it. Teva tadalafil is easy to find in brick-and-mortar pharmacies in the US and around the world. It was the first generic version of tadalafil to enter the US market after the expiry of Eli Lilly’s patent for Cialis in 2018.

Teva tadalafil: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Teva tadalafil tablets BPH+ED treatment Film-coated tablets, round, yellow 2.5mg, 5mg N/A
Teva tadalafil tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, oval, yellow 10mg, 20mg N/A


28 out of 32 Internet drugstores verified by Pharmacy Checker are either based in or have partner pharmacies in Canada, so the range of products they offer includes pharmaceuticals from local manufacturers. APO-tadalafil is an example of these – it is manufactured by Apotex Inc., the largest generic pharma company in Canada employing over 10,000 people and producing around 300 medications.

APO-tadalafil: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
APO-tadalafil tablets BPH+ED treatment Film-coated tablets 2.5mg, 5mg $1.87 (5mg)
APO-tadalafil tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets 10mg, 20mg $15.42 (20mg)


Another large Canadian pharma enterprise, Pharmascience, makes pms-tadalafil available via online pharmacies operating from Canada. Pharmascience has got its headquarters located in Quebec and sells its products in over 60 countries now.

pms-tadalafil: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
PMS-tadalafil tablets BPH+ED treatment Film-coated tablets 2.5mg, 5mg $2.50 (5mg)
PMS-tadalafil tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets 10mg, 20mg $5.00 (20mg)

Mylan tadalafil

Mylan was among the first companies that received the authorization for marketing generic tadalafil in the European Union in 2014. As of 2018, it is the world’s second largest generic pharma manufacturer, so the reliability of its products is out of question. The numbers below show that Mylan tadalafil is also moderately priced compared to the products of other Western drug manufacturers

pms-tadalafil: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Mylan tadalafil tablets BPH+ED treatment Film-coated tablets, round, light yellow 2.5mg, 5mg $0.82 (5mg)
Mylan tadalafil tablets ED treatment Film-coated tablets, round, light yellow 10mg, 20mg $2.22 (20mg)


Although Pulmopres by Cipla Limited is a tadalafil-based medication originally intended to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, online pharmacies sell it as an ED medication. This is normal since the tadalafil in Pulmopres is bioequivalent to that in impotence drugs, so it is used off-label to treat erectile dysfunction. Pulmopres is only available in one strength – 20mg of tadalafil per tablet, so all patients taking it should be aware of that. The dosage is adjusted by splitting the pill to obtain the necessary dose prescribed by the doctor.

Pulmopres: Available form, Dosage, Strengths
Name Uses Dosage form Strengths Price online, USD
Pulmopres tablets ED treatment (off-label) Film-coated tablets, round, light green 20mg $1.41

The list of other reliable manufacturers of generic tadalafil which are not as commonly available online includes Sandoz, Actavis, Stada and more.

Is Tadalafil as Safe and Effective as Brand-Name Cialis?

The information above proves that generic tadalafil-based medications are cheaper than Cialis, but are they just as good? Yes, they are – but there are several conditions that the medication in question needs to fulfill in order to be a viable alternative to Cialis. The drugs listed above all do fulfill these conditions but if you are considering purchasing tadalafil by a different manufacturer or under a different brand, check the following to ensure your safety.

The medication must have tadalafil as its active ingredient

Some drugs advertised as ‘generic Cialis’ on the Internet contain other PDE-5 inhibitors like sildenafil or vardenafil – like this fake ‘Tadalafil’ medication, for example. While also safe and effective, these medications are inferior to tadalafil as they offer shorter duration of action, lower effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of BPH, etc. Drugs advertised as ‘herbal Cialis’ are less potent than tadalafil or even completely ineffective.

The medication must have the same strength

Strength – the amount of active ingredient per a single dose of medication.

The maximum recommended daily dose of tadalafil for ED treatment is 20mg taken as needed. When using tadalafil daily to treat BPH or BPH+ED, the patients take 5mg or 2.5mg per day. Medications offered in higher strengths should either be avoided altogether, or pills should be split in order to obtain an appropriate dose.

This article lists 14 safe, effective and pocket-friendly Cialis generics available for purchase. We recommend that you don’t choose medications based solely on their price. Always take the reliability of their manufacturers, their accessibility and other customers’ reviews into account – and your fight against ED will be a successful one. Tadalafil is a powerful and safe medication, which, when used correctly, effectively improves erection and eases the symptoms of BPH.


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